The Italian

I am not immune nor am I turning a blind eye to all the turmoil and pain the people in our country are suffering. But sometimes you need a break from it. Going out in nature can be incredible therapeutic (if you are near beauty and it is not on fire, smoldering or in ashes). AND… there is entertainment. A way to escape if you need and want.

Here is an escape. Enjoy.

Short Film 'The Italian' – Producer / Editor from Lana Von Haught on Vimeo.

Written & Directed by Evans Forde
Produced by Lana Von Haught
Alessia Franchin
Brice Williams
Kristin Walker


6 thoughts on “The Italian

  1. As a Freshman at Wayne High School, I heard you (then a Senior) speak at a Christmas assembly, and was struck by your polished delivery, which stood out among the teenage silliness that day. I think it was only five or six years later that my older brother (a martial arts enthusiast) dragged me to see Code of Silence, where I was surprised to find you starring opposite Chuck Norris! You’ve had a terrific career ever since, showing great range in a variety of roles, including The Italian, which I just watched. Bravo! Over the years, I was always partial to your comic turns, as I think you’re a wonderful comedienne.

    BTW, I realize your current series, Walker, is a re-boot with an all-new cast, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the Chuck Norris connection, which brought back memories of that Friday matinee screening with my brother back in 1985.

    Continued success and happiness,

    Bea Jonas


    1. Thank you Bea! I have this funny feeling I was a better speaker at 17 than I am now. I had such certainty then.
      In regards to the Chuck Norris connection, It also makes me chuckle that I am doing WALKER.


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