INTO THE DARK: A Nasty Piece of Work Is a delightfully nasty piece of work.  It is not for those who want to watch a Christmas show full of good cheer.  This is biting, darkly funny and one hopes dreadfully disturbing.  Paul Soter’s script is wild, sharp and funny.   Charles Hood wonderful sense of comedy and tension never let us flounder as actors.  The cast all came ready, willing and more than able and we had a BLAST!  Kyle Howard, Angela Sarafyan, Dustin Milligan, Natalie Hall, Nico Greetham and Julian Sands are the best playmates.

Here are some reviews to whet your appetite: Film Threat, Rogert Ebert, Nightmarish Conjurings

Or just tune in now to Blumhouses INTO THE DARK: A Nasty Piece of Work on Hulu.

Just a P.S.  I don’t think I have ever had the privilege to play a character this big, this flawed, this outrageous in film or television before.  I loved the ride.


5 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  1. lately I have taken to repeating Jane Curtin’s character from 3rd rock, “why don’t you have children?” because I can’t.” “Is it medical?” “no it’s because I hate them!” that usually shuts them up, hell, sometimes it terrifies them!

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  2. I loved your story about your decision not to become a mother. I am a mother and I did not always want to be a mother; I for a long time felt I had mothered my sibs (as you called yours) enough, and I did not want my own children, the whole thing is emotionally draining not to mention the pain of delivering a baby. I could relate to each part of your story because at points in my life I have experience each part. I was told at age 25, what are you waiting for you are getting too old. Then after I gave birth to my first child I was told, you better hurry up and have another it’s selfish to only have one child. Now I think about life and my mental and emotional process, and my first thoughts about motherhood were correct. My first thoughts about motherhood where I should not have children because I do want boys, and I only want to mother children that are age birth to four years old. My thoughts about motherhood were that specific, therefore, mothering after age five was a deep struggle. I love my children, but I cannot say if I had the chance to do it again I would. I pray that my children do not have children, it’s a greater responsible than I think most humans in our society can truly handle. It’s a balance that I think most people cannot truly understand. Being a parent is selfishness and selflessness at the same time and knowing how to balance the two. With that thinking and understanding my decision was not to have children, but then I gave into emotions and hormones and made children and confirmed there is a lot more to having children than the wanting. People really do not understand it is the stronger person that makes the decision not to have children. Really and truly, while it is an absolute joy to nurture and love your children, mothering is not the only thing in life that makes us whole and complete people; and if we cannot get better at doing it, do something else.

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  3. I first saw your work on Columbo awwwe Peter Falk RIP, I knew you had a gift for acting along side with William Shatner, and tonight as me and my wife enjoy the TV show Walker nice keep up the good excellent fantastic brilliant work.


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