After 3 years of gestation this baby is now born!  From a simple idea to a very complicated interactive video, THE GARAGE SALE now lives because of so many people’s artistry.

To see this interactive dramedy that I wrote and produced please visit  If you like it, please do not hesitate to share it.  There are wonderful performances in this that should not be missed.  Be warned, unless your kid is as foul mouthed as I was, you may not want to share this with your kids.  There is a fair bit of swearing.

THE GARAGE SALE is best viewed on the FIREFOX and CHROME browsers.

Peace, health and happy garage sales to everyone.




I don’t know how people do it.  When I hear film makers say, “Oh it took me 10 years to get this project done,” I stare in wonder.  It took me only 3 years to make THE GARAGE SALE and that still numbs my mind.  How do they keep their focus, passion and drive?  I actually came up with the idea for a short film about garage sales about 20 years ago.  But started writing this piece a bit more than 3 years ago.  It has morphed into an interactive experience soon to be launched online.  I wrote and produced this and am extremely proud of every aspect of this unusual formatted film.  Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for the launch date.  To learn more, go to our web site and there you can follow us on various social media sites.

BFF’s release: June 3

Tara Karsian and Andre Grano are the funniest women I know.  They are also smart, humane and are terrific film makers.  Their movie BFF’s is being released June 3, 2016 on iTunes,, Time Warner Cable and more.  Watch as they try and promote their film (caution there are some F bombs:)).  I’m also in BFF’s if you need any further incentive.

Argh imbed not working, please click on link below.  You won’t be sorry.

How to promote your movie.