After 3 years of gestation this baby is now born!  From a simple idea to a very complicated interactive video, THE GARAGE SALE now lives because of so many people’s artistry.

To see this interactive dramedy that I wrote and produced please visit  If you like it, please do not hesitate to share it.  There are wonderful performances in this that should not be missed.  Be warned, unless your kid is as foul mouthed as I was, you may not want to share this with your kids.  There is a fair bit of swearing.

THE GARAGE SALE is best viewed on the FIREFOX and CHROME browsers.

Peace, health and happy garage sales to everyone.



Interview with “Kickin’ it Old School – 80s Pop Culture & More”

I know it’s shocking, I am blogging twice in one month. But this isn’t really my writing. I am re-posting another blog. I gave an interview to “Kickin’ it Old School – 80s Pop Culture and More. One dude’s point of view on popular culture with special attention paid to the great decade of the 80s.” The dude is Tim and although I know his last name I cannot find it anywhere on his blog so perhaps he prefers anonymity. His site is super fun to visit especially if you are like me and the 80s is your thing.

Tim put a lot of work into finding pics and clips. So if you want a peak into my distant past, please check this out.